Lista de magias


1 - Remove Fear: Suppresses fear or gives +4 on saves against fear for one subject + one per four levels.
Conviction: Subject gains +2 or higher save bonus.
Inhibit: Subject delays until next round
Sign: You gain +4 bonus on next initiative check
Resurgence: You grant subject a second chance at a saving throw.
Moon Lust: Subject obsesses about moon, is fascinated or dazzled
Ice slick: creates a 20ft square area of slipery ice Dc: Balance 17

2 – Find Traps: Notice traps as a rogue does.
Restoration, Lesser: Dispels magical ability penalty or repairs 1d4 ability damage
Curse of Ill Fortune: Subject takes –3 penalty on attacks, checks, and saves.
Fuse Arms: Multiple arms/tentacles become one pair of stronger limbs.
Wave of Grief: Cone imposes –3 penalty on attacks, checks, and saves
Dark Way: Creates temporary unbreakable bridge supporting up to 200 lb./level.
Frost weapon: +1 ice demage and attack +1d6 ice damage

3 – Bestow Curse: –6 to an ability score; –4 on attack rolls, saves, and checks; or 50% chance of losing each action.
Dispel Magic: Cancels spells and magical effects.
Prayer: Allies +1 bonus on most rolls, enemies –1 penalty.
Aid, Mass: Allies gain +1 on attack rolls, +1 against fear, 1d8 temporary hp +1/level (max +15)
Water Breathing: Subjects can breathe underwater
Ice axe: Creates a ice axe 2d12 damage +1 every 2lvl and attacks at touch Ac
Shivering touch: 3d6 dex damage (fortitude half) Dc 19

4 – Summon Monster IV: Calls extraplanar creature to fight for you
Summon Hound Archon: Summon a hound archon to follow your commands
Assay Spell Resistance: +10 bonus on caster level checks to defeat one creature’s spell resistance
Moon Bolt: 1d4 Strength damage/3 levels; undead made helpless
Undead Bane Weapon: Weapon gains undead bane property and is considered good-aligned
Poison: Touch deals 1d10 Con damage, repeats in 1 min

5 – True Seeing M: Lets you see all things as they really are.
Summon Bralani Eladrin: Summon a bralani eladrin to follow your commands
Symbol of Sleep M: Triggered rune puts nearby creatures into catatonic slumber.-
Righteous Wrath of the Faithful: Your allies gain extra attack, +3 on attack rolls and damage rolls.
RevivifyM: Restore recently dead to life with no level loss
Boreal wind: gust of cold wind 1d4/lvl of damage + if fails reflex test through back 1 square feet/lvl
Wall of Dispel Magic: Creatures passing through a transparent wall become subjects of targeted dispel magic.
Hibernate: suspension state that retards the body flow by 1 week/ lvl fortitude save Dc: 21

Domínio -
1 – Enlarge Person: Humanoid creature doubles in size.
2 – Bull’s Strength: Subject gains +4 to Str for 1 min./level.
3 – Magic Vestment: Armor or shield gains +1 enhancement per four levels
4 – Spell Immunity: Subject is immune to one spell per four levels.
5 – Righteous Might: Your size increases, and you gain combat bonuses.

O que estiver sublinhado é uma opção para o dia seguinte, e quanto as magias de domínio. Uso um feat que permite eu substitua uma magia normal de qualquer ciclo para castar uma qualquer de domínio do mesmo nível gasto.





Lista de magias

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