An eternal Spirit in Search of Knowledge


Após meditar e levar seu espírito ao encontro do Espírito do Sábio Texugo, o shamã busca encontrar o Lendário Tigre Druida.


His birth was marked by the visit of the spirits of the local forests and the one who stood by his side was the Raven.
As long I can remember, father stood there staring at me and seeing something that I couldn’t.
At age of 6 I saw my first spirit in spite of hearing stories of then and being part of our culture, I froze, I was scared and then I saw him by my side guiding me, the one present since my birth.

The raven or as I named that day, Uthe, that means ice breaker in my native language, communicated with me, but it wasn’t enough to learn from him.
I had to seek help and there was father, and he explained me everything he knew about the spirits and nature, death and life.

Now I can manifest their power, but it’s not a grand power, so father told me to leave in journey, become a man, learn by yourself and make the difference.

So I left the village and traveled guided by the spirits and since than I have followed to where they gather in great quantity.

That’s why now I found myself in close to the forest of Amanter, and by the looks of it, we are going to take part in something big!

Em processo de mudança…………………


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